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  • Above Grade/Below Grade

  • High Performance/Elastomeric Coatings

  • Sheet membranes

  • Fluid applied membranes

  • Deck Coatings – Vehicular & Pedestrian

  • Joint Sealant Replacement (Caulking)

  • Garage/Balcony Deck Coating Repairs & Installation

  • Below Grade Waterproofing Installation

  • High Performance Vertical Coating Installation

  • Sealant Removal & Replacement

  • Expansion Joint Repair & Installation

  • Caulk and Sealant Removal and Replace

  • Tee Flange Crack Repair

  • Crack Injection

  • Crackbanding with Urethane Coating

  • Expansion and Masonry Joint Replacement or Installation

  • Surface Sealer with Powerwashing or Shotblasting

  • Elastomeric Pedestrian/Traffic Coating

  • Waterproofing Material Applications

  • Wall Coating

  • Thru-Wall Flashing

  • Surface Drain Installation

  • Masonry Sealing

  • Sidewalk Caulking

  • Wet Glaze: Glass to Metal Joints

  • Window Caulking

  • Cutting & Pointing Failed Masonry Joints

  • Brick Repair / Replacement

  • Stone Repair / Replacement

  • Stone / Concrete Element Fabrication & Installation

  • New Masonry Installation

  • Masonry Repair

  • Custom Masonry

  • Tuckpointing

  • Brick and Paver Resetting, Replacement or Installation

  • Precast Panel Repair

  • Edge Spall Repair

  • Beam or Column Repair

  • Coping Stone Resetting

  • Retaining Wall Reconstruction

  • Concrete Patching

  • Interior Paint Projects

  • Exterior Paint Projects

  • Specialty Coatings

  • Garage Painting & Sealing

  • Industrial Coating Applications

Concrete Repair

  • Sidewalks, to include Exposed Aggregate Sidewalks

  • Curb and Gutter

  • Steps, Landings, and Railings

  • Pads, Ramps, Aprons, and Entrances

  • Loading Docks

  • Walls and Retaining Walls

  • Bollards, Columns, and Beams

  • Trench Drains, Storm Drains and Lids, Inlets

  • Pool Decks and Patios

  • Other Concrete Services Include:

  • Stamped Concrete Installation

  • Concrete Sidewalk Caulking

  • Rout and Seal

  • Ardex Surface Application

  • Partial-Depth Spall Repair, Full Depth Spall Repair

  • Curb Sandblasting

  • Sidewalk Sealing

  • Sidewalk Powerwashing

  • ADA Compliance

  • Garage Repairs

  • Balcony Repairs

  • Concrete Patching (Flat, Vertical, & Overhead)

  • Structural & Topping Slab Removal & Replacement

  • Shotcrete Installation

  • Grout & Epoxy Injection

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Water-Blasting

  • Sand Blasting



Dominion Property Restoration Services (DPR) is committed to providing effective single source solutions, quality workmanship, the utmost safety, and devoted customer service on each and every project. We assist our customers in understanding the existing conditions that should be addressed before these issues become larger, more complex problems.  DPR is a recognized specialist in building restoration, rehabilitation and preventive maintenance. Since 1989, we have remained dedicated to restoring and maintaining the structural integrity and architectural aesthetics of all types of structures including historic buildings, industrial complexes, office buildings and parking structures. Our completed projects and client recommendations stand as a testimonial of our quality work, and a reference for you of our accomplishments. Specially trained, experienced field crews using the most advanced techniques and materials, provide a top quality finished product that is guaranteed with each DPR project.


  • LF JENNINGS Union Market Concrete Masonry Repair

  • CAPITAL ONE ARENA Painting, Waterproofing, Masonry Repairs

  • PWC BUILDERS Watergate Condo- Waterproofing, Masonry, TPO Roofing

  • CBRE Parking Garage Vehicular Traffic Coatings

  • WESTWOOD COLLEGE Tenant Build-out and Painting  – Arlington, Virginia

  • MONUMENT REALTY Building Repairs and Property Maintenance – Various Properties in Washington, D.C.

  • HOTEL MONACO Building Repairs, Waterproofing and Skylight Repairs – Washington, D.C.

  • MONUMENT REALTY Demolition, Tenant Build-out, Painting– Tyler Building – McLean, Virginia

  • HILTON HOTELS Property Maintenance, Brick Paver Driveway Repairs – Hilton Embassy Row – Washington, D.C.

  • ACM SERVICES, INC Sandblasting and Painting of Balcony Railings – Potomac Place Condominiums – Washington, D.C.

  • EMBASSY SUITES Waterproofing Repairs and Maintenance – Arlington, Virginia

  • TEXTILE MUSEUM Historical Restoration Lead Paint Abatement, Façade Cleaning and Painting of Exterior Wood Doors, Windows, Shutters, Moldings and Ironwork – Washington, D.C.

  • POWHATAN OFFICE SUITES Demolition, Install New Waterproofing Membrane, Patio Paver System and Planters – Station Square Office Building – Alexandria, Virginia

  • VT GRIFFIN Painting of Three NOAA Satellite Antenna Towers – Wallops Flight Facility – Wattsville, Virginia

  • CONTROL BUILDING SERVICES, INC Cleaning and Painting of Metal Railings – Fashion Center at Pentagon City – Arlington, Virginia

  • RIDGE HOUSE CONDOMINIUMS Building Maintenance, Demolition of 12,500 square feet of Plaster and Lathe Ceiling and Hangers – Arlington, Virginia

  • TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATES Building Renovation, Construct New Addition to Historic Capitol Hill Townhouse – Independence Avenue – Washington, D.C.

  • MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER Building Façade and Balcony Cleaning – Media Research Center – Alexandria, Virginia

  • POWHATAN OFFICE SUITES Form and Install New Concrete and Stone Stairwells to Concourse Level – Powhatan Office Suites – Alexandria, Virginia

  • CARR AMERICA Façade Cleaning, Mansard Roof Cleaning, Building Maintenance and Painting of Railings and Cornices – Historic Willard Office Building – Washington, D.C.

  • CITY OF PORSTMOUTH Clean & Paint Lightship Museum – Portsmouth, Virginia

  • U.S. ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL Window Restoration – Russell Senate Office Building – Washington, D.C.

  • U.S. ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL Restoration of Masonry, Brick & Steel Structures – U.S. Botanic Gardens – Washington D.C.

  • CARNEGIE INSTITUTE Exterior Restoration: Complete Wood Window Restoration – Washington, D.C.

  • CITY OF FREDERICKSBURG PUBLIC FACILITIES Historical Building Renovation, Lead Paint Abatement and Painting  – Historical City Hall – Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • U.S. NAVY – DISA Exterior Restoration of Navy Antenna Tower

  • DC PUBLIC SCHOOLS Lead Paint Abatement, Window Restoration –


  • CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY Exterior Paint Removal  & Painting of O’Boyle Hall – Washington, D.C.

  • WATERGATE HOTEL Exterior Cleaning – Washington, D.C.

  • U.S. NAVY Washington Navy Yard-Window Restoration Admirals Quarters – Washington, D.C.

  • MD PARK & PLANNING COMMISSION Exterior Restoration of The Blair House 

  • THE METROPOLITAN CLUB OF WDC Exterior Restoration – Washington, D.C.



  • City of Alexandria

  • US Navy

  • Architect of the Capitol

  • City of Fredericksburg

  • State Highway Administration

  • City of Baltimore

  • City of Portsmouth

  • Town of Leesburg

  • Prince William County

  • Washington Post

  • Monument Realty

  • Southern Management

  • Clark Construction

  • Patner Construction

  • Carr Realty

  • Textile Museum

  • Catholic University

  • Howard University

  • Metropolitan Club

  • Turner Construction

  • Carnegie Institute

  • The Watergate

  • City of Virginia Beach

  • Embassy Suites

  • Hilton Hotels

  • Hyatt Hotels

  • Hotel Monaco

  • Powhatan Office Suites

  • Media Research Center

  • DRI Partners

  • Hines Properties

  • Trammel Crow

  • Washington Gas

  • Sheraton National

  • Double Tree Hotel

  • Control Building Services

  • Oncore Construction

  • Robinson Terminal

  • Hensel Phelps

  • Brown & Root

  • DC Public Schools

  • VDOT



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