Dominion understands that property management companies, property managers and property owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to building maintenance and repairs. We know your time is valuable and we respect that.  We work with property management companies, large and small, in the metro Washington, DC area including Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Tysons Corner as well as Rockville, Bethesda and Hyattsville, providing waterproofing, caulking, masonry, concrete and coatings services.  Our goal is to provide solutions to your properties’ restoration problems and repair them successfully.  Read more about our commercial building services.

Performing Multiple Trades on a Single Project

Because Dominion uses its own highly experienced restoration techs, who are able to perform multiple trades such as waterproofing, brick repair, concrete repair, pressure washing and painting on each project, we’re able to solve multiple problems and make property managers’ job easier.   We like to say no job is too big or too small.  Again, it is all about making Property Managers’ jobs easier.  Often Dominion will tackle a multi-faceted project including several areas of restoration-there may be a small amount of concrete repair that needs to be done adjacent to a large waterproofing area like a parking deck.  There is no reason a Property Manager should have to deal with multiple contractors because Dominion has the ability to tackle a myriad of property restoration needs on each project under one contract!  Waterproofing, including tuckpointing and caulking, pressure washing, masonry, (new brick install and restoration), concrete repair (new install and restoration) and coatings are our main areas of work, however, Dominion can perform restoration on wood and metal windows, balconies, parking decks, parking garages, walkways, plazas, retaining walls, entrance signs, boiler rooms, building facades and more.

Project Managers’ Biggest Problem

Dominion realizes there’s no greater and potentially damaging issue than water leaks.  And a property manager’s worst nightmare!   Dominion has in-house experts with over 30 years of leak identification and problem-solving experience.  We use the industry’s top quality waterproofing materials and work closely with manufacturers to ensure quality control and performance. Whether it’s a parking deck in Arlington, a parking garage in DC or a retaining wall in Rockville, our crews will work to ensure leaks are stopped and structural integrity is maintained.  Dominion will provide a service warranty, in addition to a manufacturer’s warranty ensuring that future leaks are not a problem.  Click here for more information on our waterproofing services:

Parking Garages and Their Challenges

Parking garages and parking decks are often the first impression that building tenants and clients have when deciding to lease a space.  Dominion realizes how important it is to maintain a pleasant and safe entrance to properties.  Broken and misplaced bricks, cracked and spalling concrete, water leaks and failed coatings are some of the most common issues which can deter clients when considering leasing a space.  Dominion can not only return these areas to beautiful, functioning spaces, but can also ensure it is safe to enter and exit your properties.  As client retention continues to be ever so important, these are areas that cannot and should not be overlooked.  Repairing parking garages usually includes the need to install new expansion joints and repair spalling concrete on parking columns, parking decks and parking garage walls all of which Dominion will handle for its property managers.  The waterproofing coatings installed during this process will not only ensure against leaks but will ensure a beautiful, safe and uniform appearance.  Click here for more information on parking garage repair:

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Contact Dominion Property Restoration at 800-971-6995 or request a quote, or complete our contact us form to have someone call you to find out how we can solve your building restoration problems.  Our goal is to make Property Managers’ Jobs Easier!