Dominion’s vast experience performing waterproofing in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia includes an in-depth study of site conditions prior to proposing the correct waterproofing process to fix water intrusion.  Structures such as parking garages, buildings, building facades, parking decks, foundations, decks, and plazas require proper determination of water intrusion before the process can begin.

The major cause of foundation-related problems is water. Hence waterproofing systems are very critical to keeping foundations dry. Like air control above grade, it is important to consider water control below grade as a system solution, and not just as a single component.

A properly installed and performing waterproofing membrane is important, but without an adequate drainage system to allow the liquid to flow away, water can damage any construction project. An improperly conceived waterproofing system can allow the buildup of hydrostatic pressure, turning cracks in the foundation into entry points for water.

When water enters the building interior, there is not only a risk of unsightly water damage, such as rust-colored stains or spots, but also uncontrolled moisture introduces humidity, thereby creating a very desirable home for mold and mildew. The unwelcomed water will also damage building materials.

To properly protect a concrete foundation, the wall must be shielded against the water and the liquid must be directed away from it. Selecting an appropriate below-grade solution for commercial buildings is one of the most important aspects of maintaining structural integrity, indoor air quality (IAQ), and comfortable living or working conditions for all occupants. To make the right decision, it is wise to first understand site conditions and the science behind the movement of moisture from concrete footings up the wall.

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