Parking Garage

Commercial Coatings

2023-03-20T09:15:08-05:00March 20th, 2023|Parking Garage, Waterproofing|

At Dominion Property Restoration Services, we use a variety of commercial coatings products to waterproof parking garages. These products are designed to provide a durable, long-lasting solution to protect the structure from water infiltration. Waterproofing Commercial Properties - Parking Garages Polyurethane Coating One of the most popular products we use is a polyurethane coating. This

Protective Traffic Coatings

2023-03-20T09:31:25-05:00March 12th, 2023|Coatings, Parking Garage, Waterproofing|

Balconies and parking garages are two of the most heavily trafficked areas in commercial buildings. They are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and are subject to heavy foot and vehicle traffic. This constant wear and tear can lead to damage, such as salt intrusion, water damage, and rebar corrosion. To protect these areas,

We specialize in Parking Garage Restoration

2023-02-15T17:58:24-05:00February 14th, 2023|Concrete, Expansion Joint, Painting, Parking Garage|

Welcome to Dominion Property Restoration Services, your premier masonry, concrete, waterproofing, and coating provider for commercial buildings in Alexandria, VA, and the greater Washington, DC, area. Complete Parking Garage Restoration Services These structures are exposed to the elements daily and are subject to wear and tear from both the vehicles and the public using them.

Property Management Solutions

2022-01-10T11:10:39-05:00February 10th, 2021|Expansion Joint, Painting, Parking Garage, Property Management, Waterproofing|

Dominion understands that property management companies, property managers, and property owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to building maintenance and repairs. We know your time is valuable and we respect that.  We work with property management companies, large and small, in the metro Washington, DC area including Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Tysons

Winter Weather Takes a Toll on Parking Decks!

2022-01-10T10:59:26-05:00February 7th, 2020|Below Grade Waterproofing, Concrete, Expansion Joint, Parking Garage, Waterproofing|

Winter Weather Takes a Toll on Parking Decks! Restore Vehicular Structures for Safety and Longevity. Parking structures are often part of daily life when living in a metropolitan area and are utilized by all sizes of vehicles and pedestrians, but weather, water, traffic, and age can wear on these structures – reducing their safety.

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