Your entire building needs to be watertight throughout the complete structure.  A roof that ties into walls that connect to decks and floors down to the foundation should all work together to maintain a seal that keeps out moisture and other unwanted environmental elements.

Dominion Property Restoration has consistently utilized the expansion joints below on waterproofing and roofing projects in Maryland, DC, and Virginia to provide watertight waterproofing solutions on various structures including parking decks, garages, building facades, roofs, decks, and floors.

Expansion joint systems are designed to work together to maintain a continuity of seal throughout the entire building envelope.  Roof, wall, deck, window, and foundation products seal expansion gaps in each section from water intrusion, thermal loss, sound attenuation, and even fire spread.  They are designed to maintain these seals in transitions in-plane from one expansion joint to the next.

Roof expansion joint systems are often dual-sealed, double flanged watertight expansion joints that tie into any roof membrane.  It can join into exterior walls and cavity walls with a companion downturn wall closure.

Walls involve using high movement vertical expansion joints.  These joints serve as a primary watertight seal and have various fire ratings and come in multiple colors.

Decks and floors call for horizontal trafficable expansion joints for solid or plaza deck construction with high movement and sizing options designed for seismic expansion gaps.

Below Grade calls for expansion joints for either blind-side formed foundation walls and on-grade cast slabs as well as for positive-side installation in below-grade walls.

Whether installed for a single-use application or as part of a large system, expansion joints provide watertight, proven solutions for sealing new or retrofit structural gaps at any location.

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