Long term protection of a reinforced concrete building façade, parking deck and parking garage is difficult to achieve in most cases of deterioration by patch repair alone.  Patch repair will at best provide a “band-aid” with future repairs being required in adjacent areas and at a higher future cost.  It is for that reason that in addition to the repair of the visible damaged areas, that a high quality, protective system be applied to all areas as part of the future repair and maintenance strategy.

The use of a protective coating system on a building façade, parking deck and parking garage will protect against reinforcing steel corrosion due to chlorides and carbonation, while still allowing the surface to breathe with transmission of water vapor through the protective coating.

Paints have been used for decades to decorate or more recently waterproof concrete.  With today’s greater awareness on the part of property managers, owners and consultants, technical performance requirement is increasingly important.  Resistance to water and water-borne chlorides are fundamental requirements.

Dominion only uses coatings specified to resist water and water-borne chlorides, ensuring a successful future repair and maintenance strategy while providing a safe, aesthetically pleasing result.  The coatings products that Dominion uses provide a manufacturer’s warranty and we provide, in most cases,  an additional application warranty giving property managers and owners peace of mind that the product and installation will perform and last.

Dominion has successfully patched concrete and applied high quality coatings to parking garages, decks and building facades in the metro Washington, DC area, including Fairfax, Alexandria, Ashburn and Arlington.  Dominion’s crews are experts at concrete repair and coatings applications and work closely with the manufacturer’s representative to ensure successful application and long lasting results of protective coatings.

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