Winter Weather Takes a Toll on Parking Decks! Restore Vehicular Structures for Safety and Longevity.

Parking structures are often part of daily life when living in a metropolitan area and are utilized by all sizes of vehicles and pedestrians, but weather, water, traffic, and age can wear on these structures – reducing their safety. Evaluating your parking structure for structural integrity, sufficient waterproofing, and proper sealing and markings is the first step in ensuring your parking garage is both safe and long-lasting.

Damaged Surfaces?

Over time, weather, water, traffic, and age can deteriorate a parking structure’s interior finishes and reinforcing steel. Freezing and thawing create superficial and deeper structural damage. Moisture can create failures in the structure, ornamental features, and surface integrity. Looking for obvious cracks, holes, moisture damage, and wear from over-use is the first step in evaluating your parking facility to discover if repairs are needed.

Why Re-seal?

A quality sealant can provide a skid-resistant finish for vehicular and pedestrian safety, and the seamless installation of a sealant extends the life of the structure by protecting it against the elements for many years. Sealants come in a wide selection of colors, so re-sealing a parking garage can also add a professional look, as well as increased visibility of safety markings for driving, parking, walking, and emergency directives. Many sealants can be cleaned with commercial-grade cleaning solutions, allowing you to keep the facility in pristine condition even as it ages.

Not Just for Parking Garages?

Vehicular sealants are great for parking garages, decks, and ramps, but their use is not limited to above-ground parking structures. Waterproofing sealants can also be used for stadiums, heliports, driveways, plaza decks, and mechanical rooms. If you have a space needing waterproofing, there is a sealant available to help meet that need.

Ready to Apply a Sealant?

Relying on an experienced and qualified team of technicians for the installation of vehicular sealants is always the best plan. Years of experience working with sealant products is vital to ensure that all waterproofing and safety systems are considered during installation. A qualified technician will take into account a sealant’s tensile and tear properties, as well as the local climate when selecting the best product for a project. Once installation begins, all other aspects of the waterproofing system should be considered, including sealant joints, flashings, deck-to-wall transitions, drains, penetrations, and terminations.

Dominion Property Restoration’s technicians are sealant experts.

Maintaining a parking or vehicular structure is an important part of doing business in the city and we understand that maintenance and repair are vital to the longevity of these structures. Dominion Property Restoration has been repairing and sealing parking structures in high traffic areas in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area for decades. We are a partner to count on when a parking or outdoor space needs waterproofing and sealing. Our experienced team of technicians can guide you through the entire process and restore your property so it’s as good as new. Read more about our story and call us today at (800) 971-6995 to learn more. If you have a parking structure in need of work right away, contact us here to receive a quote.